Alexander Abramov


Abramovich's fortune will increase by $125 million after Evraz pays its dividents


In total, members of the Russian Forbes list will receive dividends from one of the Russia's largest metallurgical and mining companies worth more than $300 million.

Evraz NCSP is growing on market opportunities


The new owners of the port increase the investment program, and the city of Nakhodka will be buried in the coal dust even deeper.

Co-owners of Evraz Alexander Abramov and Alexander Frolov reduced their share in total by 0.3%


Moment for the sale was well chosen, experts say.

Steelmakers had a breather in 2016


Prices for steel and coal recovered due to temporary problems in China and Australia, but soon it will end, experts say.

Norilsk Nickel will open its doors to investors


Company will isolate its key assets, and is ready to attract partners to the rest of them.

Entities of Abramovich and Abramov sued the owner of Azbuka Vkusa


Millhouse Invest AG and structures applied to the Cypriot court to recover a loan in the amount of $150 million from Andrey Vdovin, shareholder of Azbuka Vkusa. The loan security is the businessman's share in the chain. 

Evraz is ready to abandon Nakhodka


The company chooses a buyer for Evraz NCSP.

How the co-owners of Evraz help science


Raw materials in Russia, high technology and exotic property abroad: that's their investment strategy.

Evraz leaves South Africa


The company sold vanadium entity Vametco.

Workers of Abramovich's plant organized an "Italian strike"


Now Evraz Group employees are trying to get their work back in court. 

Alexander Abramov will hide in New Zealand


Co-owner of Evraz Group Alexander Abramov completes his estate Helena Bay in New Zealand.

Iskander Makhmudov: how an engineer-translator became a billionaire


He took over copper and coal in battles of the 90s, built a monopoly around the monopoly of Russian Railways in the 2000s and encircled Moscow in the 2010s: his raider past did not prevent him from succeeding in the system of state capitalism.

Evraz has had its memory refreshed


Vladimir Putin has urged the company to go back to the steel plant project in Yakutia.