Alexander Chigirinsky


Shalva Chigirinsky is not a pedophile, but can still become bankrupt


The court in the United States closed the scandalous case of Shalva Chigirinsky. Now the businessman will focus on the lawsuits to Viktor Rashnikov in Cyprus. If he loses them, then the scandalous businessman will face bankruptcy.

Alexander Chigirinsky eyes the property of Viktor Rashnikov


The Chigirinsky clan of scandalours developers confronted Viktor Rashnikov.

Chigirinsky brothers have nothing to lose but their debt


The crisis in the construction industry in Russia is far from being over; virtually all companies experience serious problems today, not excluding even the big players.

Chigirinsky brothers demand $217 million from the owner of Magnitka


They believe that Viktor Rashnikov and his partner bought their stake in the Moscow City projects at a price below the market.

Profitable dump: billionaires and state-owned companies joined the struggle for the wastes market


Waste treatment is a high-tech market. Otherwise, why would Rostec need it?