Alexander Lebedev


The Lebedev family first had profit from the UK media business


For the first time, the publishing business in Britain brought banker Alexander Lebedev and his son Yevgenu a net profit, partially caused by the sale of the £24 million i newspaper, created back in 2010 on the basis of The Independent.

Miratorg expands the plowland


The holding can buy more than 30 thousand hectares from the NZK.

VTB will sell its hotels in Moscow cheaply


Their buyers may turn out to be entities connected with the head of the bank Andrey Kostin or his entourage, experts suspect.

Aeroflot lost all sense of honor


The largest Russian airline moved to a contemptuous stage of its development.

70 Aeroflot managers claim multi-million bonuses


1.13 billion rubles may be distributed between them.