Alexander Medvedev


Russian Ministry of Energy won't allow Rosneft and Novatek to export gas


Monopoly on the export of Russian gas belongs to Gazprom, Energy Minister Alexander Novak said.

Gazprom increases its performance


The extraction and export of Gazprom continue to beat records despite the summer.

RBC Investigation: who pays for the Donbass


The economy of the unrecognized republics in East Ukraine, or T1 and T2 zones, as they are called by the Russian officials, is closely linked to Russia.

Who and how makes decisions in Gazprom: Forbes investigation


Administrative and personnel policy of Gazprom is a topic that is actually prohibited. What was behind the loudest resignations in recent years in the state-owned company?

Texas authorities accused Gazprom of the campaign against shale gas in the US


Head of the oil and gas governing body of Texas David Porter asked the US Secretary of State John Kerry to take action against Gazprom, which, according to the official, conducts subversive activities against the US natural gas industry.