Alexander Tkachev


Dmitry Patrushev set the clock ticking for Antex company


"Rosselkhozbank", under the leadership of Dmitry Patrushev, is trying to bankrupt the company "Antex", so that it can pick up its largest shopping center cheaply.

Magnit for bankrupcy


Sergey Galitsky's Magnit gives ground. Soon the businessman will have no money for elite cars and football club. 

Russia's largest hotel chain will lose one third of the room capacity


Azimut Hotels Company owned by Alexander Klyachin, which manages the hotels under the same brand, will be deprived of the largest hotel in Russia. "The Azimut Hotel Sochi" will be transferred under the control of the operator "Biblio Globus" to work accoding to the "all inclusive" principle.

Agrocomplex lacks sweets


Tkachev's family can gain control over a sugar plant for 10 billion rubles.

Agrocomplex has grown out of Russia


Holding owned by the Tkachev family is preparing to export to Europe and Asia.

"Banker of the Year" Patrushev worsened Rosselkhozbank indicators five times


Rosselkhozbank under the leadership of Dmitry Patrushev accelerated the pace of accumulation of impressive losses.

Company associated with the minister Tkachev's family doubled its land plots in a year


Agrocomplex, linked to family of the agriculture minister Alexander Tkachev, increased its land plots by more than two times in a year and now occupies the sixth place in the ranking of the largest owners of farmland.

VEB has blocked the Sberbank's sale of a resort in Sochi


VEB, one of the main creditors of "Krasnaya Polyana" — Sochi resort "Gorki Gorod" — inhibits its sale. The buyer, a little-known company "Kurort Plus" has signed an agreement with the owner, Sberbank, on October 12.

Sberbank sold "Krasnaya Polyana" to the company, probably related to "Sochi Park"


Among the members of the company's management is the son-in-law of the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev.

Relatives of Minister Tkachev will become the leaders of agribusiness


The Agrocomplex company and other companies associated with the family of the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev will be inside the country's five largest landowners.

Sochi put at stake


The city goes through a struggle for bulding spaces for casinos.