Alexey Miller

Alexey Borisovich Miller (born 31 January 1962) is Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Management Committee (CEO) of Russian energy company Gazprom, Russia's largest company and the world's biggest public energy supplier.

Miller was born in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) to a family of German ethnicity. He went on to study at and graduate from the Leningrad Institute of Finance and Economics from where he graduated with a PhD in economics.

From 1991 to 1996 Miller served with the Committee for External Relations of the Saint Petersburg Mayor's Office under Vladimir Putin. Later, Putin secured Miller’s appointment as CEO so that his former colleague could put an end to fears that some of Gazprom’s executives had harmful third-party relationships.

The cash flow of Gazprom turned out to be negative


The gas corporation spent all the proceeds on operating expenses and capital investments.

Gazprom will drag the pipe from Sakhalin to China


The gas corporation hopes that China will help the equipment to develop the resource base of the new gas pipeline, the South Kirinskoye field.

The US will throw a blow on the Russian oil and gas industry sanctions


Washington threatens to blockade the "North Stream-2" and the oil industry of the Russian Federation.

Renova of Viktor Vekselberg wants to unite energy assets with Gazprom energoholding


Corrupted in the corner by American sanctions, the oligarch intends to merge his energy assets with the company Gazprom energoholding, having received a blocking stake for it.

London court froze British assets of Gazprom at the suit of Naftogaz


The assets of the Russian company in the UK are frozen to ensure the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration on the payment of "Naftogaz" 2.6 billion dollars.

Gazprom intends to beat its gas export record


The Russian gas corporation can supply over 200 billion cubic meters of natural gas to the European market in a year.

The investment peak of expenses cut off the profits of Gazprom


Capacities and taxes compel the monopoly to increase debt.

Gazprom returned to Ukraine


The gas corporation has started negotiations with the Ukrainian Naftogaz about a new transit contract since 2020.

The last US sanctions attack on Russia became the most sensitive


So far, the sanctions have not affected the business of Russian public companies.

The US imposed new sanctions against Russian oligarchs and officials


The new list includes 26 people and 15 companies. Among them are Oleg Deripaska, Viktor Vekselberg, Suleiman Kerimov, Alexey Miller and Andrei Kostin.

When money is not a pity


The Gazprom Management Committee paid 3.3 billion rubles to itself against the backdrop of the Corporation's minimal profit for 15 years.

The third gas war: what is needed for Gazprom


Breaking the contract with Ukraine will enable the corporation to defeat the defeat in the Stockholm arbitration.

Gazprom was on the verge of collapse


The gas concern is brought to the handle by the illiterate management of Alexey Miller.

Gas threat: why Gazprom decided to terminate contracts with Ukraine


After losing the process in Stockholm, the Russian concern announced the beginning of the termination of contracts with Naftogaz for the supply and transit of gas. This process will take at least a year, but the European Commission has already called on the parties to resolve the conflict.

Gazprom ready to fight with Ukraine


Alexey Miller responded to the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court.

The US Treasury recounted Russian officials and businessmen


In the so-called "Kremlin report", in particular, included Medvedev, Peskov, Sechin, Miller, Usmanov and Kerimov. At the same time neither Chubais nor Nabiullina are on the lists.

Gazprom set an absolute record of gas exports


Supplies to Europe grew by 8%, Germany remains the largest market.

Gazprom increased its debts by 40%


The concern explains this by the increase in the amount of loans and the reduction of funds in the accounts.

Gazprom will take in 2018 a record 7 billion dollars


The funds will be used to finance the largest investment program in the history of the concern.

The cash flow of Gazprom goes into negative territory


Because of the record investment program and low gas prices.

Gazprom intends to break records on investments next year


The company plans to spend 1.2 trillion rubles on projects.

Gazprom again faced problems in the foreign market


Recently, the Russian gas monopoly is clearly not lucky with foreign partners. The entrance to the European market for Gazprom is gradually narrowing, and the advertised export to China with the "Force of Siberia" does not seem to be settled. And inside the country, not everything is in order.

The share of Gazprom in the European market reached a maximum


The corporation will now be able to increase the volume of exports only at the expense of China.

Nord Stream overflow


Nord Stream 2 participants will have to invest their money in the project instead of banks. 

The net profit of Gazprom collapsed by more than a third


The low prices and a strong ruble are hindering the production of a gas monopoly.

Gazprom will have to fight for Europe


Gazprom will have to compete not only with liquefied gas from the US, but also with pipelines from Azerbaijan and Norway.

Gazprom sets records


The company is increasing supplies to Europe faster than its competitors.

Gazprom has filled the Opal pipeline


The monopoly company announced export records.