Anatoly Meshcheryakov


iMars became enough imprudent to hold tenders inside the company


Mikhail Struchkov and Yevgeny Sobolev use Anatoly Meshcheryakov to hold tenders in Russian Railways and the Moscow Metro.

Sergey Mikhailov reduced the budgets of Russian Railways


Well-known PR man Sergey Mikhailov made good profit on the budgets of Russian Railways.

iMars Group sucks the Russian Railways budget off through Anatoly Meshcheryakov


iMars Communication Group has found a gold mine in the advertising and PR-budgets of the Russian railway monopoly, Russian Railways. The unprecedented success of the group that received orders on hundreds of millions of rubles from the state company solely in 2014, having the first place among the contractors that won the tenders, have attracted media attention.

Advertising contract: who wins PR tenders of state companies


The tenders are often arranged so that to be won by a particular contractor.