Anatoly Motylev


Russian Central Bank will lower the Iron Curtain


Dishonest financiers will be prevented from leaving Russia.

New state bank: what will bring the merge of VEB subsidiaries with Russian Capital


Two subsidiaries of VEB, Svyaz-Bank and Globex, can be merged with Russian Capital. What will come of this?

MIA lost 2 billion rubles in Russian Credit Bank


The main technological subsidiary of the Interior Ministry, "Special Equipment and Communication", is trying to get back the money it placed into Anatoly Motylev's bank shortly before the revocation of its license.

The owner of Russian Credit Anatoly Motylev disappeared


The bank's management has not seen its shareholder since last Friday, when the Central Bank revoked the license of Russian Credit, M-Bank and AMB-Bank

Russian Credit between the withdrawal and bailout


The Central Bank blocked transactions with Anatoly Motylev's banks.