Artemy Lebedev


RBC investigation: who earns on paid parking in Moscow


On December 25, a new area of ​​paid parking started to be functional in the Russian capital throughout the territory within the Third Ring Road.

Artemy Lebedev demands one million rubles from Mail.Ru and Omsk outlet for photos


The designer wants to get 500.000 rubles from each of the defendants for violation of his copyright on the photo "Filing of a road traffic accident".

Why designer Artemy Lebedev is not afraid of scandals


Artemy Lebedev returns a star to the Moscow logo! Artemy Lebedev took millions to draw the letter "M" for the subway! Artemy Lebedev designed a sewer hatch with the image of George! This is only a small number of recent rumors and news that accompany the activities of the famous Russian designer Artemy Lebedev and his studio.

Artemy Lebedev filed a lawsuit against NTV because of the army veterans he had insulted


According to the Runet star, the television story that he called the soldiers cowards has nothing to do with reality.

State order for Artemy Lebedev


The infamous blogger and designer earns tens of millions on projects financed by the city budget.