Avdeev Roman


Roman Avdeev deprived of "Freedom"


A billionaire company may lose a factory development project.

How sons of Vladimir Kogan rule the fatherly empire


At the 57th year of life, businessman Vladimir Kogan died. His sons Eugene and Efim had to take over the management of a family empire worth $ 750 million a year ago.

MKB recognized as a stress-resistant bank


The credit rating agency has alarmed the payment system of the Moscow Credit Bank.

Moscow Credit Bank falls to the bottom


The bank of Roman Avdeev and Igor Sechin painted major problems: for some reason, the financial organization stopped working Internet banking and hangs the software. The depositors have not been able to take their money from the institution for several days already.

Igor Sechin's friends took up collection business


The Cyprus company Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT & I) has knocked out assets from Boris Mintz and Maxim Blazhko without noise and dust.

Roman Avdeev and Igor Sechin ate the development empire of Boris Mints


O1 Properties Boris Mintz changed the owner.

FG "Future" will give a debt to the Cyprus offshore of Roman Avdeev


The debt of Boris Mints corporation in the amount of 1.67 billion rubles sailed to Cyprus.

The Region group Fund received 3.5 hectares previously owned by Yukos in the center of Moscow


The GK Region Foundation received 3.5 hectares in the center of Moscow, formerly owned by Yukos. On them, Ingrad developer Roman Avdeev will build a residential block.

О1 Properties Boris Mints is a step away from bankruptcy


S & P lowered the company's rating. If its parent 01 Group does not pay in June on the loan, investors will be able to demand payments on Eurobonds of $ 350 million.

The last state insurer passed into private hands


The last state-owned insurance company (GSK) - Yugoria - changes the owner. On Wednesday, an auction was held, which won the group of companies "Region" Alexander Rudyk.

Roman Avdeev wants to buy state insurer "Yugoria"


The opponent of the owner of the IBC can become "AlfaSurance".

Russian pensioners of the Boris Mints Foundation are in a Cyprus offshore


Rossiyum Concern Roman Avdeev sold debts to the future financial group, which includes non-state pension funds Future, Education and Telecom-Soyuz.

Bloomberg has issued a black label to the Moscow Credit Bank


According to experts, the bank of Roman Avdeev, closely associated with Rosnef, has a good chance of getting under US sanctions.

Banker Roman Avdeev began to reduce the pharmacy network


The pharmacy chain "36.6" belonging to it closes the loss-making points.

Roman Avdeev and MKB on the verge of financial collapse


Eurobonds MKB fell in price: at the beginning of the month they traded at 95% of the cost. The business of the owner of the ICB Roman Avdeyev is becoming more and more risky every month.

How long does Alfa-Bank and the Moscow Credit Bank have to live?


The cleanup of the banking sector has reached the largest banks, and the reorganization of FC Otkritie, Binbank and Promsvyazbank is just the beginning.

Rossium surrendered the land


The Roman Avdeev concern sold the non-strategic agroholding to the Region group of companies.

Banker Roman Avdeev begins in Moscow, the first development project


His Ingrad enters the fee-development market.

Banker Roman Avdeev parted with his share in the largest dairy holding company


He also wanted to increase the stake in the agricultural holding "Econiva" of German businessman Stefan Duerr.

Boris Mintz and Roman Avdeev will solve their problems at the expense of VTB


Andrey Kostin enters into a dubious deal to merge with pension funds of Boris Mints and Roman Avdeev, whose financial position is close to critical.

Seven large pension funds began preparations for merger


A large deal is being prepared in the pension market. It can include pension assets of VTB, the Rossium group and the O1 Group. The assessment was initiated by VTB, which may indicate the consolidation of non-state pension assets by the state bank, experts say.