Babaev Igor


Igor Babaev did not reach the stock exchange Cherkizovo Group refused SPO


Cherkizovo Group refused SPO - price did not suit investors.

Group "Cherkizovo" agreed to purchase "Altai Broiler"


The group agreed on the purchase of the "Altai Broiler".

Bird flu was found again on the grounds of GC "Evrodon"


At the sites of the company "Evrodon" again detected avian flu. The war for turkey turkey in Russia finally passed into the category of bacteriological: in addition to Eurodon, which lost 2.6 billion rubles, a recent blow was struck at the companies of the brothers Igor and Naum Babayev.

Large producers of meat "Damate" and "Cherkizovo" are forced to destroy part of the livestock due to bird flu


An unpleasant disease attacked the assets of Babaev: GC Damate and GC Cherkizovo. Losses are estimated at hundreds of millions of rubles.

Igor Babayev decided to postpone SPO


The Cherkizovo Group, which it controlled, refused to re-place its shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

Russian companies postpone IPO and SPO


"Cherkizovo" and HeadHunter can postpone access to the stock exchange.

Cherkizovo Group will pay for Igor Babaev's family


Cherkizovo Group will buy Napco grain company owned by its shareholder Igor Babaev for 5.75 billion rubles. In return, it will receive 147 thousand hectares of farmland.