Belyaev Vadim


Vadim Belyaev diamonds taken away


The FAS and the Central Bank want to invalidate the $ 1.45 billion deal for Otkritie Holding holding from a Lukoil diamond mining company.

The Boris Mints family was not happy with the Discovery


Trust and Otkritie banks accuse the businessman and his sons of replacing and withdrawing assets.

Central Bank demanded loss of profit from Vadim Belyaev and Ruben Aganbegyan


With the co-owner and top managers of FC Otkritie, the regulator wants to receive 300 billion rubles.

Opinion of Vadim Belyaev is not scary for the general director of Otkritie Holding


He still controls 29% of the holding, but no longer participates in the appointment of the general director.

Billionaire Vadim Belyaev demanded his money from the bank "Discovery"


Former owner of the bank "FC Otkrytie" wants to return 21 million rubles.

Bank FC Opening will sue former top managers


The claims are brought against nine managers, including former members of the board. To the former owners of the bank, who brought it into the financial abyss, the administration of Mikhail Zadornov claims for some reason no.

State Bank VTB protects its loan from the Bank of Russia


Andrei Kostin's bank was dissatisfied with the transfer of Amaznoye Arkhangelskgeoldobycha to the repayment of debts "The Holding's opening" in 335 billion rubles. In this case, the fate of VTB's loan of 1.45 billion dollars "is sagging" to the beneficiary of the holding Vadim Belyaev. With this money he bought the company from LUKoil.

Elvira Nabiullina and Vasily Pozdyshev remembered the missing 335 billion rubles


Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Russia Vasily Pozdyshev threatened the "Opening of the Holding Company" with a lawsuit on bankruptcy. Where disappeared allocated last year 335 billion rubles, no one in the Central Bank does not know.

The Central Bank spent on saving the Bank "FC Opening" 140 billion rubles


Elvira Nabiullina poured money into the bankrupt pension fund of the Bank of Russia.

The Bank of Russia thought about banning bankers from leaving the country


On the eve of the second wave of the banking crisis, the Central Bank intends to prohibit owners of sanitized banks from traveling outside the Russian Federation. Their assets will also be blocked for the duration of the proceedings. For large oligarchic banks, already sanitized by the Bank of Russia, an exception has been made.

The CBR spent 2.62 trillion rubles on sanation of large banks and could spend another


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation in 2017 spent 2.62 trillion rubles on the rehabilitation of three private banking groups. This was told by the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina. This is five times more than Russia's annual spending on education.

Vadim Belyaev resigned from the "Opening Holding"


He left the post of general director of the company, with which the Central Bank is trying to collect almost 5 billion rubles.

"The hungry" Boris Mints did not have enough appetite


The collapse of the "Opening" bank froze all transactions of the O1 Group for the purchase of new assets.

Holding "Otkritie" acquired almost 15% of VTB shares


Bank "FC Otkrytie", which is under control of the Central Bank, unexpectedly increased its stake in VTB.

No more Russians


The New York State Court refused to consider the claim of former co-owner of the Trust bank Ilya Yurov to the "Opening of the Holding", as well as to its shareholders Vadim Belyaev and Ruben Aganbegyan.

In the troubled banks, the retirement savings of Russians have disappeared


In the banks "Opening" and Binbank burned up to 50 billion rubles of retirement savings.

The sinking Trust Bank invests billions in FC Otkritie


It buys shares of the sister bank and, perhaps, gives it loans.

Alfa Capital named risky banks


It warned the clients about the problems of FC Otkritie, MKB and Promsvyazbank.

Otkrytiye saves Rosgosstrakh for Rosgosstrakh to save Otkrytiye


Rapidly gaining momentum, the financial holding Otkrytiye absorbs the leader of the insurance market, Rosgosstrakh.