Bossov Katerina


Bosov's widow was left without Bentley, and without "Alltek"


The Odintsovo court disagreed with the assertion of the widow of the billionaire Bosov that he used the money from the sale of her Bentley to maintain control of the business.

Katerina Bosova in vain rolled her lips on her husband's business


The court imposed interim measures on the stake in the Alltek company as part of the lawsuit filed by Dmitry Bosov's mother and his children.

Bosov's mother and sons are suing his widow over inheritance


Dmitry Bosov's mother and children from the first two marriages filed a lawsuit against his widow Katerina Bosov. They dispute the transfer to her of half of the businessman's share in the Alltek group (controlled by Sibanthracite), created before his third marriage.