Dmitry Bosov


For Dmitriy Bosov, the Ministry of Natural Resources has moved the natural park


The Ministry of Natural Resources has allowed Vostokuglyu, Dmitry Bosov and Alexander Isaev, to mine coal in the Arctic, changing the boundaries of the protected zone. This will load the Northern Sea Route by 2024.

Sergei Shoigu played enough in the "Patriot"


How the budget money is being sawn at Patriot Park, and what’s the reason for Putin’s cook, Shoigu’s daughter and Rotenberg’s son.

Ugor Zyuzin will throw the corner of Eduard Hudainatov


Creditor banks are looking for new owners for Elga deposit.

Oil General dug into the coal pit


Maxim Barsky will head the coal assets of Dmitry Bosov.

Slippery passion: who plays hockey with Putin


Vladimir Putin became interested in hockey after Russia had won the right to host the Olympics in Sochi.