Dmitry Kamenschik


Domodedovo between Kamenschik and Rosneft


How Sechin's "purse" Roman Trotsenko attacked the airport.

Domodedovo billions: how Dmitry Kamenschik's business is organized


The owner of Domodedovo, Dmitry Kamenschik, was released from house arrest. RBC recalls how he became the owner of Domodedovo and unsuccessfully tried to sell it, and figures out who can claim the airport right now.

Dmitry Kamenschik agreed to retribution


The owner of Domodedovo is ready to compensate for the damage caused by a suicide bomber.

Domodedovo Airport disclosed its ownership structure


It has turned up that the largest strategic facility near Moscow is owned by a Cyprus offshore consortium DME Limited, its beneficiaries, Sean Cairns and Jane Peters, are the citizens of the United Kingdom.

Domodedovo disclosed its owner


The owner appeared to be the Russian citizen, Dmitry Kamenshchik, announced the company; the disclosure of the fact is related to the government's plans to invest in the development of the Moscow aviation hub.