Dmitry Pumpyansky


Large diameter drop


Pipe manufacturers faced a decline in demand for LDP.

Dmitry Pumpyansky went on the offensive against UMMC


The businessman in an attempt to expand its influence in the Urals, faced the general director of UMMC Andrey Kozitsyn.

Stagnation of pipe manufacturers: the crisis and the reduction of the construction changed the industry significantly


The long wave of investment has not been replaced by a sustainable payback wave.

Demand for TMK shares exceeded expectations


An insurance represented by the purchase of unclaimed shares of the company by UK Lider, turned out to be not necessary.

Steel grip: how the Russian metallurgists earned on the crisis


While the economy was plunging into crisis, steelmakers and exporters earned on sharp weakening of the ruble. Who was in the best position?

"Even Pumpyansky didn't behave like that"


Why SKB-Bank had the chairman of the board replaced.