Dmitry Rogozin


Zvezda shipyard needs incredible order portfolio


Entire Russia will have to fill up the order portfolio of the new Far Eastern "super shipyard". 

Russian Arctic programs are in jeopardy


The strategic program for the development of the North has been cut by the Russian government by 17 times. At the same time it turned out that the construction of nuclear icebreakers "Arktika", "Siberia" and "Ural" was disrupted because of technical problems that arose after the "annexation" of the subtropical Crimea.

The government thought about cutting expenditures on the Arctic by 17 times


The government can once again cut spending on the state program for the development of the Arctic.

Dmitry Rogozin found "the source of slovenliness" at Voronezh Mechanical Plant


Deputy Prime Minister said that the investigation into the reason to revoke the Proton engines would be his personal business.  

Airlines have to fly abroad only using Russian planes


This idea of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin was approved by Vladimir Putin

Blow under Progress


Who will get control of the Russian space.

Progress descending


Quality Director of Roscosmos, Vladimir Evdokimov, was put in jail on the very day when cargo ship Progress crashed. 

Rocket fall


Today the Russian "Progress" exploded in the night sky. According to preliminary information, the cause of the crash of yet another freight cargo space ship is the engine failure.   

Rogozin asked Putin to change the management of Uralvagonzavod


And to transfer the company itself to Rostec Corporation.

RBC Investigation: why Medinsky needs the Military Historical Society


The Russian military historical society under the leadership of the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky is busy with major patriotic projects. RBC found out, who gives it money and what do the minister's friends have to do with it. 



Sergey Shoygu snaps against Dmitry Rogozin's power in defense orders.

Polite armed men: why do tobacco billionaires need machine guns and anti-aircraft guns


Co-owners of "Megapolis" distributor Igor Kesaev and Sergey Katsiev sold their stake in the company for for $1.5 billion to transnational corporations. Why, after a record deal, they decided to invest in the arms business?

Rosgranitsa has been locked up


The change of the head of the federal agency resulted in the detention of a number of officials.