Dolgin Alexander


The lands of the Urban Group were found in Krasnogorsk


In a bankruptcy case, there were excess assets.

Professor-developer Alexander Dolgin stole another 27 billion rubles from co-investors


The bankruptcy trustees revealed another scheme of developers werewolves to withdraw money. The hole in the balance of the Urban Group has already reached 67.7 billion rubles.

Alexander Dolgin stole 31 billion rubles from co-investors


The cost of completion of the objects of the bankrupt Urban Group will be at least 55 billion rubles. At the same time, the auditors found that the former owner of the development company, Alexander Dolgin and his henchmen, stole more than 31 billion rubles from the equity holders.

Russian taxpayers will pay for the developer-professor Alexander Dolgin


The completion of the bankrupt Urban Group in the Moscow region will require at least 59 billion rubles, of which 14.5 billion will be allocated by the federal budget. The owner of the company managed to escape to the UK.

Co-owners of the Urban Group fled Russia


The former co-owner of the Urban Group, Andrei Puchkov, managed to flee abroad before his arrest. The main owner of the development company, "Professor" Alexander Dolgin, did it even earlier.

Court arrested former director of Urban Group Andrei Puchkov


Former general director of the Urban Group and Ivastroya Andrei Puchkov was arrested by the court: he is charged with abuse of authority, which entailed grave consequences. The media linked the case against Puchkov with the unfinished LC "Laikovo". The owner of the bankrupt company, Alexander Dolgin, is hiding in Europe.

The scenario of the collapse of the "Urban Group" may be repeated with FSK "Leader"


The development company of the Voronin clan drags out with the terms of delivery of houses and, according to rumors, received a fair financial hole from the contracts of the Urban Group "professor" Alexander Dolgin.

SCR initiated the first criminal case in connection with the collapse of the Urban Group


The Investigative Committee took the leadership of one of the subsidiaries of the Urban Group with a great delay, from which 70 to 120 billion rubles were withdrawn.

Urban Group died like a financial pyramid


The company raised money for two-thirds of the apartments under construction, and built only one-third. The financial hole for the completion of the planned housing is more than 70 billion rubles. The leadership of the Urban Group, led by Alexander Dolgin, actively withdrew money from the company.

"Minbank" refuses to recognize its problems


Moscow Industrial Bank does not recognize that a loan of 640 million rubles was issued on the security of the apartments of the bankrupt construction company Urban Group.

Company Urban Group has started a way to bankruptcy


The bankruptcy of the company Urban Group will deprive the bank of 600 million rubles of loans issued on bail and not built apartments.

The owners of the Urban Group are suspected of withdrawing funds


Around the company the intrigue is untwisted: how much money from it and its "daughters" the fathers-founders had time to deduce, whether the main owner Alexander Dolgin will be arrested and what to do with thousands of co-investors who turned out to be on beans.

Why the Urban Group collapsed


The company of Alexander Dolgin died in a falling market, leaving behind a huge unfinished.

Developer Urban Group can plan to escape salvation


The owner of the Urban Group, Alexander Dolgin, is ready to sell the company for 1 ruble in exchange for a lack of claims and 16 billion rubles of investment in projects. Possible partners are VTB and Promsvyazbank, he asserts. However, those of their participation deny.

The collapse of the Urban Group may lead to the restructuring of the entire housing market


Alexander Dolgin's pyramid may have far-reaching and sad consequences for developers in Moscow and the Moscow region, Khalil Aminov, a Kommersant observer, said.

Alexander Dolgin collected 80 billion from interest holders and fixed a "hole" of 16 billion rubles


The head of the Urban Group said in an interview that he was ready to give his company for 1 ruble, if there were no additional claims against her. According to experts, the company could function as a financial pyramid.

Urban Group is living out the last days


Developer-Professor Alexander Dolgin could not stand the severe test of the crisis in the Moscow real estate market.

Urban Group was a financial pyramid


Rosreestr has blocked the registration of new equity participation agreements by the company. Given the disruption in the construction of housing by the company Alexander Dolgin, it turned the largest developer in the Moscow region into a financial pyramid. While in the risk group more than 15 thousand equity holders.

Sberbank refused to work with Urban Group


Sberbank turned mortgage programs to purchase housing in some projects of the Urban Group. The losses of the company Alexander Dolgin can amount to 20 billion rubles a year.