Durov Pavel


Pavel Durov is now French


The founder of Telegram received French citizenship. He also has a passport of the Caribbean state of Saint Kitts and Nevis and allows him to enter the EU without a visa.

Pavel Durov eager for battle with SEC


The beginning of the year turned out to be hot for Pavel Durov and his team; in early January, the founder of Telegram was questioned for a total of more than 16 hours.

The wealthiest: Leonid Mikhelson, Vagit Alekperov, Gennady Timchenko


Oil industry workers, gas producers and metallurgists are the most successful businessmen in the Forbes list of the richest people. But there are exceptions.

Telegram admitted in cooperation with the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation


The messenger of Pavel Durov used to give out data of users at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office and the Investigative Committee, and now the FSB of the Russian Federation will also disclose the data of terror suspects.

Telegram has lost a fifth of the audience in Russia


All attempts of the state in the Russian Federation to drag into the allegedly "independent" from the authorities messenger users have not succeeded. In June, the audience of Telegram was 23% less than in April 2018.

Apple turned away from Telegram


Pavel Durov explained the ban of updates to the messenger in the App Store with a lock in Russia.

State-oligarchic search engines blocked Telegram


The site of the telegram that was blocked in Russia was not available in the search output of Mail.ru and Sputnik, but is visible in the search for Google and Yandex.

German Klimenko suggested that Roskomnadzor change the technology of blocking


Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on Internet Development Herman Klimenko spoke about the problems and prospects of the fight against Telegram.

Telegram hopes to overcome the FSB of the Russian Federation in courts


The messenger challenged the decision on the legality of the FSB order and filed a complaint against the verdict of the Supreme Court.

Roskomnadzor began blocking Google


Google allows the Telegram messenger to use its IP addresses to bypass the lock, explained in Roskomnadzor. In this regard, Roskomnadzor has entered a number of IP-addresses of Google into the register of prohibited information.

Why Telegram could not block: 4 questions about the fate of the messenger


Roskomnadzor takes new measures to completely block the Telegram messenger in Russia, but so far the efforts do not work. Completely to block the messenger it is possible, only having disconnected all Internet in the country, ascertain experts.

Telegram remains elusive for Roskomnadzor's officials


Block the messenger until it was physically impossible.

Who suffered instead of Telegram


Roskomnadzor tries to block Telegram the second day, but instead creates problems for other sites.

Roskomnadzor will block 1 million IP-addresses for the sake of banning Telegram


Head of the department Alexander Zharov believes that this will give the result.

Pavel Durov promised to bypass the blocking of Telegram in Russia


According to him, the messenger will use methods to bypass locks that do not require user action.

In Russia, Telegram was banned


This decision was made by the Tagansky District Court. He also granted the petition of Roskomnadzor to immediately block the messenger.

Roskomnadzor demanded to block Telegram immediately


Censors filed such a petition to the court.

Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit on blocking Telegram


Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit to the Tagansky court on restricting access to Telegram, according to the website of the agency.

Telegram pulled out of the socket: why did not work the messenger


Telegram was not available in Russia and other countries due to problems with power supply servers. The founder of the project Pavel Durov called the failure "growth problems" - last week the messenger overcame the threshold of 200 million users.

Roskomnadzor is charging the price of Telegram


Created with the participation of the Russian Federal Security Service, the Russian messenger is being spun through scandals with "keys." The main thing is to demonstrate to the potential investors the unbending will of Zits chairman Pavel Durov.

Pavel Durov shakes off another $ 1.7 billion from investors for Telegram's crypto currency


The first round of "distribution of elephants and the materialization of spirits" has already brought the owners of the messenger 850 million dollars.

Roman Abramovich invested in Telegram


Pavel Durov reported to the US authorities about attracting $ 850 million from 81 investors.

David Iakobashvili invested $ 10 million in Telegram


David Yakobashvili, one of the founders of Wimm-Bill-Dann, invested $ 10 million in Telegram during the preliminary ICO project in January. This is the second Russian investor, who reported on participation in the equity of the messenger.

Forbes recognized Pavel Durov as a dollar billionaire


According to preliminary estimates of Forbes, the state of the founder of Telegram is not less than 1.7 billion dollars.

Why Pavel Durov displays Telegram on ICO


Unlike Russian citizens enjoying the long New Year holidays, crypto traders, investors and crypto-instruments all over the world have kept their nose to the wind for the past ten days. What interesting happened in the cryptomir, while we ate Olivier on vacation.