Egorov Nikolay


Pumpyansky and Rotenberg blow in one trumpet


Billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky, with the alleged support of Arkady Rotenberg, was able to win over the owner of ChTPZ Andrey Komarov, who had already managed to agree with Nikolai Egorov.

Andrey Komarov blew into the pipe


The sale of the pipe assets of the ChTPZ Group of Andrey Komarov to the Zagorsk Pipe Plant (ZTZ) has entered the final stage.

Classmate Vladimir Putin may be forced to answer for a collapsed bank


Subsidiary liability may befall Nikolay Egorov for the debts of OFK Bank.

Russian special services earn on illegal alcohol


From the rearrangement of heads of PAP schemes do not change.

Zagorsky Pipe Plant of Nikolai Egorov and Denis Safin burst from the orders of Gazprom


Powerful administrative support has turned the company, to which generous orders of the gas monopoly have fallen, into a reseller of large diameter pipes from other manufacturers in Russia.

In the OFC bank money from the sewage treatment plants of Sevastopol


The Arbitration Court of Sevastopol satisfied the claim of the prosecutor's office on the recognition of these financial flows as illegal.

State Bank VTB intends to bankrupt "Crystal-Lefortovo"


State Bank intends to bankrupt "Crystal-Lefortovo".

Former president of the OFC-bank sent under house arrest


In Moscow, under house arrest, the former president of the United Financial Capital Bank (OFC-bank) Nikolay Gordeyev was imprisoned.

President of "OFC-Bank" Nikolai Gordeyev is suspected of abuse of power


The president of the deceased "OFC-Bank" Nikolay Gordeev is suspected of abuse of authority while running a credit institution.

Vladimir Putin's classmate Nikolai Egorov sells his oil refining


Co-owner of the drowned OFC Bank Nikolay Egorov comes out of the oil refining business. He intends to sell his stake in the Antipinsky refinery for $ 75 million.