Gulnara Karimova


Corruptistan: MTS and Vimpelcom telecom providers and the kick backs


Several Russian telecom companies became involved in an international corruption scandal. In order to settle on the Uzbek market, MTS and VimpelCom could have given bribes to the daughter of the country's former president – Gulnara Karimova. Sofia Savina reports on how the investigation into the case is going now.

Prisoner Princess: how Gulnara Karimova lost power and business


The Uzbek prosecutor's office told about the verdict of Gulnara Karimova, the senior daughter of the ex-president of the country. Once considered "Crown Princess", in 2013 Karimova lost business and was under house arrest.

Girl and death in Uzbekistan


Instead of Karimov's daughter, Swiss investigators slipped her double.

Aven and Fridman renounced their old friend Vacca


Shareholders of Alpha Group may face claims on multi-million dollar bribe in the European Union.