Hillary Clinton


Rosatom corruption case in US: uncovered


On October 23, the Committee on Oversight of the House of Representatives of the US Congress began to study the deal concluded during President Obama between Rosatom's subsidiary Atomredmetzoloto (ARMZ) and Canadian Uranium One. In 2009, the subsidiary received a 16.6% stake in the Canadian company entitled to extract uranium in the United States.

Donald Trump wins the election in the United States


NYT: probability of Trump's winning the elections has exceeded 95%. More than 270 electors voted for Donald Trump.

Moscow wins the "Information War"


How the US media commented on the phenomenon of popular Russian broadcasters, RT and Sputnik.

The FBI is looking for the Russian roots of WikiLeaks


The Democratic Party of the United States again accuses Moscow of supporting Donald Trump.

How US lobbyists won "Sportloto"


Money of the Russian Charitable Fund was used to finance American lobbyists.

Money of "Russia" was spent on the US elections?


Correspondence about Clintons' visit to Kiev at the personal invitation of the owner of SC "Russia" Viktor Pinchuk disappeared from the State Department's website.

NYT made a connection between the uranium deal of Rosatom and the Clinton Foundation donations


Investors associated with the purchase of Uranium One by Rosatom, gave large sums to charitable Clinton Foundation at a time when Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State was involved in the approval of this transaction.