Hotin Alexey


The plan of Alexei Khotin did not like the Central Bank


The owner of Ugra is ready to pay off creditors for the seven-year plan.

Alexey Khotin owes everything to Trust


The ex-owner of Yugra owed a debt to the state as well, and Trust Bank collected loans for several hundred million dollars on its balance sheet.

Bank Ugra desperately suing borrowers


Claims were filed for another 50 billion rubles, the total amount of claims reached 430 billion rubles. According to the DIA, 98% of the loans went to finance the business of Alexei Khotin.

Bank owner Ugra accused of theft


SKR opened a new case against the former owner of the bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin, charging him embezzlement for a total of 290 billion rubles. Lawyers call the record amount - it exceeds the total amount of loans issued by Ugra.

Alfa Bank sued 17 billion rubles from Alexey Khotin


Next in line are two more suits totaling 23.3 billion rubles.

Alexey Hotin told how the FSB paid for the protection


The indictment against the head of the banking department of the FSB, Kirill Cherkalin, was given by the former owner of Ugra, Alexey Khotin, who said that he had paid the officer for patronage for several years.

Alex Hotin incriminated 240 billion


About 240 billion rubles were withdrawn from the bank “Ugra”, says the DIA.

As a bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin fused its assets in Cyprus offshore


FTS and Rosfinmonitoring dismember the schemes around UBR-1 Nizhnevartovsk. Tax and DIA revealed questionable transactions worth billions of rubles in the oil industry.

Arrested Khotin will pull Pharmstandard with him


The investigation may recognize as fictitious the transactions of the former owner of Bank Ugra and the owner of the pharmaceutical holding Viktor Kharitonin.

Alexey Hotin was arrested by the hand of Elvira Nabiullina


The head of the Central Bank wrote about Vladimir Putin about the situation around Ugra.

What led Alexei Khotin to fiasco


Bank "Ugra" credited Khotin's business with depositors' money.

Alexey Khotin will live at home - with his wife and children.


The former owner of “Ugra”, Aleksey Khotin, was accepted not in a cell, but in a fashionable residential complex.

Relations with the Night Hockey League did not save Alexey Hotin from the FSB


What did the detained banker make money on and what did the Central Bank not like with "Ugra"?