Igor Putin


British banks handled vast sums of laundered Russian money


Billions of dollars were moved out of Russia in ‘Global Laundromat’ operation, with anonymously owned UK companies playing major role.

Is it easy to be Putin


How is the president's relatives' business coming along?

Putin's cousin has left three offices


The Russian president's cousin Igor Putin has left the boards of directors of Russkiy Zemelny Bank, Promyshlenny Sberegatelny Bank and the Yakut construction company SU-888.

The Kazan contractor of Arkady Rotenberg received "the Sakhalin invoice" amounting to 370 million rubles


Participation in a megaproject made Tatnefteprovodstroy subject to an attak of a bankrupt partner.

Putin didn't help Master Bank


Master Bank's passion for doubtful operations cost it its license, the Deposit Insurance Agency — the record amount of 30 billion rubles to pay to the depositors, and those who obtain cash —  increased rates.