Kelbakh Sergey


Sergey Kelbakh could cause Avtodor damage by 2 billion rubles


The criminal case against the former head of Avtodor Sergey Kelbakh is connected with violations during the construction of the Central Ring Road. He was suspected of exceeding his authority, including when transferring an advance to “Crocus” Araz Agalarov.

Sergey Kelbakh will leave the high road


He will leave the post of head of the state company Avtodor. The decision was made against the background of claims by the control authorities on how the project for the construction of the Central Ring Road in Moscow Region is being implemented.

Company billionaire Agalarov punished for poor-quality construction


The Arbitration Court of Moscow on the lawsuit of Rostekhnadzor for regular violations fined the company of businessman Aras Agalarov "Crocus International" for 50 thousand rubles.

The trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg has risen in price by half


The head of Avtodor Group Sergey Kelbakh said that the journey of a car on a toll road from Moscow to St. Petersburg will cost 2000 rubles. Earlier he talked about the price of 1000 rubles.