Khotin Yuri


Bank "Yugra" lived to bankruptcy


The negative capital of the financial institution grew to 143 billion rubles. However, there are no claims to the former owners of the bank, Alexey and Yuri Hotin, the CBR and law enforcement agencies do not. Hotins managed to withdraw their assets from Ugra in advance.

Spiders' fight in Jugra Bank


Has the system of state deposit insurance in Russian banks ceased to exist?

Aleksey Khotin's oil company did not keep money in his Jugra Bank


Exillon Energy tried to calm its investors and partners.

Who got loans from Alexey Khotin's bank


The share of affiliated of loans affiliated with the bank's owners can greatly surprise the regulator.

Jugra Bank is sinking


What will Yury and Alexey Khotins do after the collapse of Jugra Bank?

The Khotin Empire is preparing for the transformation


The financial center of the empire of "crypto-businessmen" the Khotins in the Russian Federation is Jugra Bank, has been wavering for months. The other day the Central Bank of the Russian Federation demanded that shareholders "add" to the bank's base capital half a billion dollars.

Central Bank demanded Jugra Bank to reserve 40 billion rubles


Owners of the bank are crypto-businessmen Alexey and Yuri Khotins, are to renew the bank's capital.

Customers failed Jugra Bank


More than a quarter of the bank loans turned out to be problematic. The financial hole of the bank amounted to more than 28 billion rubles.

Suleiman Kerimov gave his son an airport


The senator is actively making over the business assets to his 21-year-old heir Said Kerimov.

FCS deemed the Khotins' bank unreliable


The FCS deprived the Khotins' bank of the right to issue bank guarantees for payment of customs duties. If Jugra's problems continue, it could lose the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Jugra Bank is more dead than alive


The bank of adventurous businessmen Khotins can collapse at any time.

Jugra Bank was the leader in losses in 2016


The most unprofitable bank in 2016, excluding credit institutions rehabilitated, became Jugra Bank, which lost 32.2 billion rubles. Only BM Bank, which is currently under rehabilitation, lost more. 

Khotins will bleed the investors dry


Jugra Bank owned by Alexey and Yuri Khotin will still conduct IPO. Are the businessmen going to take investors' money before escaping?  

Ugra is out of play


Ugra, the leader among Russian banks in terms of losses, has nothing left but only to run after the puck.

More oil for the Khotins


As Forbes found out, Belarusian businessmen has increased their oil deposits by 1.5 times.   

The Khotin family collected more than a million


The businessmen gave away their offices for management.   

Depositors of Ugra pay for the Khotin family's debts


Ugra Bank attracted more than 166 billion rubles from individuals as of mid-2016. Simultaneously, the bank issued credits for 154 billion rubles (almost all depositors' funds) of loans in foreign currency for a period exceeding 3 years.

Khotin's hammer: businessman outpaced leaders of oil and gas industry


Alexey Khotin spares no expense on oil sites and outplays Rosneft, Surgutneftegaz and Gazpromneft.

"Hoover" among banks


What fate awaits Ugra Bank?

Financial fever of the Khotin family


Ugra Bank could collapse under the weight of heavy debts.

Where the Khotin family gets money


Like many other businessmen, they built their empire on credit money.

How Yuri and Alexey Khotin do business


Businessmen Yuri and Alexey Khotin, father and son, have so far been known as the kings of the Moscow real estate. Now they are interested in oil.

Premier League: who Alexey Khotin dreams to become


Khotin's business success his competitors often explain by his ability to build relationships with influential people. One of his good friends is said to be Boris Gryzlov.

"Moscow" on credit: the Khotins got the hotel on loan from VTB


Belarusian businessmen Alexey and Yuri Khotin could get Moscow Hotel on credit, despite the long-standing conflict with VTB.

Khot in Brent


Yuri and Alexey Khotin challenged LUKOIL for control over Bashneft.

Bashneft for Belarusians: the Khotins are interested in the privatization of the company


Alexey and Yuri Khotins can increase their oil assets to $2 billion.

Yenisei for the Khotins: the businessmen claim the company of the son of the head of "Rosatom"


The owners of Gorbushkin Dvor, Yuri and Alexei Khotin, can buy the Yenisei oil company for $400 million.

Ugra Bank disclosed the co-owner of Gorbushkin Dvor Alexey Khotin among its owners


Formally, he is only a minority shareholder with a stake of 0.5%.