Kolomoisky Igor


National Bank of Ukraine urged not to cut the daughter of Russian banks alive


The Ukrainian regulator urged the bailiffs at the suit of Igor Kolomoisky’s structures not to arrest the assets of Russian banks in Ukraine, but to give them the opportunity to fulfill their obligations to depositors in order to kick them in the ass.

Russian banks in Ukraine waited for the arrest


"Daughter" of Sberbank, VTB and VEB arrested on the suit of the structures of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky.

Pay for the Crimea: how the Ukrainian companies won for the first time from Russia


Ukrainian companies won the first international dispute against Russia over the nationalization of assets in the Crimea. Arbitration in The Hague awarded $ 159 million at the suit of 18 Ukrainian enterprises, among which there are associated with Igor Kolomoisky.

Russia lost in The Hague to Igor Kolomoysky


For the nationalization of the assets of the Ukrainian oligarch in the Crimea, Russia will pay $ 159 million.