Leontyev Mikhail


Transneft quarreled with Igor Sechin


Rosneft is "singing along" with Deutsche Welle and Reuters publications, say Transneft.

How Igor Sechin earns on US sanctions against Venezuela


The Venezuelan government uses Rosneft to circumvent US sanctions. According to Reuters, the oil state company PDVSA began to send invoices for fuel to a Russian partner, who pays for them immediately and at a discount, and then resells the resources to other buyers for the full price.

Mikhail Leontyev will refute his statements about Konovalov


The head of Khakassia won the trial of the press secretary of Rosneft.

Alexey Rakhmanov rolled out claims to Igor Sechin


The head of USC said that the corporation would force Rosneft to pay for drowning the PD-50 unique floating dock in Murmansk.

Rosneft will pay Gerhard Schroeder 600 thousand dollars


The post of chairman of the board of directors of the company the ex-chancellor of Germany took in October 2017 and then it was said that he would work for free.

Igor Sechin intends to ruin and drive Vladimir Evtushenkov into debt


Rosneft filed a second lawsuit against AFK Sistema. The value of Sistema's assets, which can be arrested on two claims, exceeded 315 billion rubles. This exceeds by 40 billion their market price.

Rosneft was subjected to frank analysis


Sberbank CIB experts were skeptical about the company's strategy.

Journalist Rinat Sagdiyev received news from Rosneft


The journalist was threatened with reprisals for publications about helicopters of the oil company.

AFK Sistema announced a technical default


The company explained the impossibility of fulfilling credit obligations worth 3.9 billion rubles by seizure of assets by decision of the Arbitration Court of Bashkortostan.

Petya's rage


Could the Russian oligarch Vladimir Petrovich Yevtushenkov be behind the attack of the Petya virus?

Sechin's appetite comes with Yevtushenkov


To please Rosneft, the court is ready for atypical decisions on MTS.

MTS under arrest


Shares of the operator become cheaper during the trials of AFK and Rosneft.

Sechin's plan: trillions of rubles of investment, growth of gas production and focus on petrochemistry


The implementation of the Rosneft-2022 strategy will increase the market value of the largest Russian oil company by 25-30%, Igor Sechin asserts.

Leontiev responded to Navalny's claims about spoons for Rosneft


The press secretary of the state company expressed hope that "Navalny does not eat with his hands."

Wings, fish and Rosneft


How Mikhail Leontiev helps companies that design aircraft wings and fishing vessels.

Igor Sechin got flicked on his forehead


The Court reversed the decision on compensation from RBC in the lawsuit of Rosneft.

Sechin's affairs: history of the privatization of the year


Rosneft paid 300 billion rubles for Bashneft . What did it get for that money?

Forbes named the most highly paid top managers of Russia


Over the five years of Forbes rankings, the total payment of the Russian top managers were reduced by 2.3 times. The value of the ruble has dropped by approximately the same value.   

Income of Sechin and other members of the board of Rosneft has grown by 1 billion rubles


The total income of the members of the board of Rosneft, 69% of which belongs to the state, increased to 3.7 billion rubles in 2015. During 2014, the board received 2.8 billion rubles. The increase was mainly due to premiums.

As the matter stands, Rosneft


Mikhail Leontiev will become vice president of the oil company.