Luzhkov Yuri


Elena Baturina later remembered her husband


The widow of the former Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina, and ex-employees of the Moscow Mayor's Office registered the Yuri Luzhkov Heritage Development Fund.

Elena Baturina is evicted from a hotel in Dublin


The richest woman in Russia, Elena Baturina, plans to sell a hotel in the center of Dublin for an amount from 80 million euros to 85 million euros, the deal could bring the entrepreneur a yield of 165%.

Eduard Limonov fell from Strasbourg 195 thousand euros


The ECHR awarded Eduard Limonov compensation for the fine in the suit of Yuri Luzhkov.

Elena Baturina now cheese rolls


Elena Baturina, the richest woman in Russia, started a new business: her company produces cheese in an estate in the south-east of the UK

For Sobyanin came up with "Luzhkov's threat" on elections of the mayor


Ex-owner of the SU-155 Mikhail Balakin, nominated for the mayoral election in Moscow, will play the role of "Luzhkov threat", symbolizing the struggle between the "old" and "new" Moscow. He already started the telegram channel "Luzhkovsky candidate".

Elena Luzhkova: daughter of patriots


The daughter of Yuri Luzhkov and Elena Baturina Elena Luzhkova received Cypriot citizenship.

Elena Baturina lost her luck


Why is the developer and wife of the ex-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, Elena Baturina, suffering one defeat after another in Russia?

Lenders chase Telman Ismailov into bankrupcy


The oligarch Telman Ismailov squandered hundreds of millions of dollars, and is now entangled with giant debts.

Elena Baturina will fight for breakeven point


The key investment project of Elena Baturina, wife of Moscow's ex-mayor Yuri Luzhkov, in Europe — Grand Tirolia Hotel (Austria) and a golf club, perhaps, can reach break-even point in the coming years.