Marina Sechina


Rotenberg's competitor: new projects and new conflicts of Marina Sechina


Marina Sechina, former wife of the CEO of Rosneft Igor Sechin, continues to collect assets.

Ex-wife of Igor Sechin, Marina, can finish "Kutuzov mile"


She became a co-owner of the developer management company of the controversial project.

New business of Igor Sechin's ex-wife


Marina Sechina, the former wife of the president of Rosneft Igor Sechin, has a new business: wholesale of edible oils and fats.

How relatives and former wives of state company managers do business


Income declarations of state companies managers were not shocking: they have a usual ncome for the managers of this level. However, the declarations tell nothing about the benefits received by their relatives.

How Sechin's former wife is tied to the Olympics


She became a co-owner of Exect Group that trains personnel for the Olympic Games in Sochi, and partner of Spanish OHL company, which has a contract to build the railway in Siberia for 1.95 billion euros.