Mask Ilon


What will be the consequences of the accident of the Russian "Union-FG"


For the first time since 1983, an accident occurred during the launch of a manned domestic spacecraft.

Russian competitor Elon Musk told about reusable rockets and ISS rental


The general director of Russia's first private space company S7 Space, Sergei Sopov, explains why they need a plant for rocket engines and why they want to lease an ISS.

Roskosmos again kicked out of the presidential administration


Assistant Vladimir Putin Andrei Belousov criticized the "Roskosmos" for lagging behind the Ilona Mask.

Why Roscosmos will never launch its analog Falcon Heavy


Dmitry Panov, director general of NPO Technomash, who is a part of Roskosmos, explained this by the difference in goals between Russia and billionaire Ilon Mask.

Russia loses monopoly on manned spaceflight


The termination of the monopoly of the corporation for manned flights to RSC Energia is awaited after the commissioning of American spacecraft Starliner and Crew Dragon.

Experts called the payback period of the Russian reusable rocket


Russia has resumed work on the project of a reusable launch vehicle. Why do we need a project, which will not be able to make money in more than ten years, RBC explained.