Mavlyanov Igor


Igor Mavlyanov will not be able to hide in Israel


Sberbank is allowed to pursue the co-owner of Yashma Gold at the place of its new citizenship.

The American Themis recognized Igor Mavlyanov as a debtor of VTB


A fluent businessman could not sit out overseas.

Jewelry bankruptcy of Yashma Zoloto


How one of the largest Russian jewelry chains and its owners are being bankrupted. 

Sberbank is ready to give 420 million rubles for a troubled project in New Moscow


However, the developer company didn't take the moneydue to internal corporate conflict.

Sberbank offered a new credit to bankrupt Igor Mavlyanov


The owner of the collapsed Yashma-Zoloto chain got half a billion rubles for his development project from Gref's bank. 

Lenders beset Igor Mavlyanov's Yashma-Zoloto from all sides


Promsvyazbank and Sberbank are going to get up to 9.7 billion rubles from Igor Mavlyanov and Robert Martirosyan.

Yashma Zoloto does not shine and does not pay


Owners of the jewelry chain, Igor Mavlyanov and Robert Martirosyan owed 6 billion rubles.