Mazepin Dmitry


Billionaire Mazepin will no longer be able to pump money out of the air


And his son, Formula 1 racer Nikita Mazepin, will likely not be able to take part in the next racing season.

Mazepin was accused of using gangster methods


The ongoing corporate conflict between Sergei Makhlai's Togliattiazot and his minority shareholder Uralkhim, Dmitry Mazepin, flared up with renewed vigor.

Dmitry Mazepin drew "Formula" for his son


The son of billionaire Dmitry Mazepin, Nikita Mazepin, will compete in Formula 1 (F1) for the American Haas team in the 2021 season.

The owners of Uralkali suck the company dry


Dmitry Rybolovlev “took off” the money and drove off to Monaco, “scoring” it for an environmental and social catastrophe. And the son of Dmitry Mazepin spins at parties during the mourning for the dead miners, while dad brings the strategic company to permanent losses.

Dmitry Mazepin sent Mishustin a "letter of happiness"


The owner of Uralchem asks the government for cheap money and preferences.

Dmitry Mazepin faces potassium deficiency


One of the largest enterprises in the domestic mineral fertilizer industry, a group controlled by Dmitry Mazepin, which includes the companies Uralchem and Uralkali, which provide 28% of the GDP of the Russian chemical industry, is probably close to bankruptcy.

Dmitry Mazepin brought Uralkali and Uralchem to bankruptcy


Experts from the analytical center A.I.T.T. have identified record negative net assets in oligarch companies and schemes for withdrawing money to Latvia.

Dmitry Mazepin arranged a race for the team "Formula 1" Force India


"Uralkali" challenged the court results of the competition for the purchase of the team "Formula 1". Oligarch Mazepin planned to acquire a team for his son, acting as a racer.

Currency debts of "Uralkali" chained the company to the financial bottom


Despite the growth in revenue in the first half of 2018, the producer of potash fertilizers showed an "accounting loss" in rubles. It was the result of huge currency debts of the company Dmitry Mazepin, which reached 5.4 billion dollars and because of the fall in the ruble rate ruined the financial statistics.

Dmitry Mazepin could not buy Sahara Force India F1 Team for his son


The British-based team left for Canadian businessmen, and the owner of Uralkali was unable to spend money withdrawn from the Russian Federation for barter quirks.

Condemned for raiding Evgenie Sedykin gave testimony against the family Makhlaev


The minority shareholder of JSC TogliattiAzot, who was convicted earlier for 4 years, testified against the main owners of the chemical company, who allegedly stole 85 billion rubles in 2008-2011. The victims in this case are not only Sedykin, but also "Uralchim" Dmitry Mazepin.

Vyacheslav Kantor did not divide the chloralkium with Dmitry Mazepin


"Akron" sued "Uralkali": the companies disagreements on the contract for the supply of potassium

Dmitry Mazepin is crushed by debts


The owner of Uralkhim and Uralkali was de facto bankrupt.

What the governor of Odessa sold to the oligarch from Russia


Will Dmitry Mazepin get the Odessa port plant from the hands of Mikhail Saakashvili?