Merkushkin Nikolay


The regional authorities have no money for the completion and maintenance of the stadium "Samara Arena"


The money for the completion and maintenance of the stadium, built for the World Cup, the regional authorities do not, as there are no plans for further commercial use of the facility.

Helicopters are not allowed to land


The construction of heliports in the Samara region risks remaining on paper.

Samara stadium is taken in a hurry and with disabilities


"Samara Arena" will be completed after the World Cup and at the expense of the regional budget.

Which stadiums will not have time to build for the World Cup in Russia


Expenses for the construction of stadiums amounted to 390 billion rubles, which is 55 billion rubles more than the estimate for 2015. In this case, some stadiums risk being unfinished.

Entire Samara region hates its governor


The unsinkable "eternal governor" has pushed the region over the edge.