Mikhail Sukhov


The Central Bank announced that "Putin's friend" will rescue Uralsib


The Bank of Russia announced the reorganization of Uralsib. Vladimir Kogan, a private investor, called the "friend of Putin" by the media, will rescue the bank. 

Life's funeral: why Probusinessbank had its license revoked


The Central Bank found tens of billions of rubles of doubtful assets on the bank's balance sheet.

Rost Bank under sweeping purge


Five banks of the holding will pass through the reorganization and revocation of licenses; vice-president of the Central Bank Mikhail Sukhov failed to properly "follow" them. 

Frost bank


Rost Bank is falling apart piece by piece, having failed to create a holding company.

Putin didn't help Master Bank


Master Bank's passion for doubtful operations cost it its license, the Deposit Insurance Agency — the record amount of 30 billion rubles to pay to the depositors, and those who obtain cash —  increased rates.