Mikhalchenko Dmitry


The FSO General was accused of assisting the "construction OPG"


According to the investigation, the general was protecting a criminal group that stole 1.5 billion rubles at the Ogarevo-53 facility, the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Damage in the case of embezzlement at the construction site of Putin's residence grew to ₽1.5 billion


The amount of damage in the case of the FSO subordinate company that built facilities in Novo-Ogaryovo increased and amounted to 1.5 billion rubles. The investigation accused the accused of creating a criminal community and is preparing to bring charges against the new defendants.

The cleared business of the clan of Murov


Billionaire Dmitry Mikhalchenko belatedly agreed to a deal with the investigation. How does this threaten ex-head of the FCS Belyaninov and ex-FSO head Yevgeny Murov?