Mints boris


Mint's assets tightly sealed by British court


Igor Mints was not able to unlock his property. Otkrytie and Trust consider Boris Mints and his sons to be scammers and demand more than $ 700 million from them.

Interpol will look good for Boris Mints and his sons


The investigation asked the court to arrest them in absentia, Mints was charged with embezzlement of 30 billion rubles.

Boris Mints lost $ 1 billion due to Zadornov’s hostility


Boris Mintz said in the High Court of London about the damage due to the actions of the top management of the Discovery and the Trust, as well as their shareholder, the Central Bank.

Sergey Gordeev and Boris Mints cheated with Russians pension money


The owner of the PIK and the runaway financier argue in the courts of Cyprus on how to divide the billions withdrawn from Russian pension funds.

The Boris Mints family was not happy with the Discovery


Trust and Otkritie banks accuse the businessman and his sons of replacing and withdrawing assets.

Boris Mintz complains of poverty to the London court


Participant in the Forbes list, Boris Mintz, told the High Court in London that he needed over £ 10,000 a week for his daily expenses (he is entitled to spend that amount by decision of a British court). The businessman believes that pressure is exerted on him and his family.

Mikhail Fridman went hiking in Jerusalem


In the procession through the desert in Israel, dedicated to the holiday of Passover, traditionally attended by rich Russians.

Boris Mintz's bonds have become an unpleasant “discovery” for investigators


Before reorganization, the bank’s management replaced real estate secured loans with non-marketable bonds of the O1 Group Boris Mints structures.