Motylev Anatoly


Motylev got hooked by the English court


A bankruptcy case was filed against Anatoly Motylev in London.

The refrigeration plant was built into the case of Anatoly Motylev


15 buildings of OJSC ICMA were arrested.

Two new defendants appeared in the criminal case of Anatoly Motylev


The investigation found that 2014-2015 years, Motylev and his accomplices withdrew from the bank "Russian credit" 17.6 billion rubles.

Which bankers left Russia


RBC remembered which Russian bankers had already left the country after their banks had difficulties.

The former owner of the Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank Anatoly Motylev was declared bankrupt


The court began the procedure for the sale of his property.

Anatoly Motylev will be searched all over the world


The former owner of the three bankrupt banks was arrested in absentia.