Musa Bazhaev


Family Gapontsevs replaced brothers Ananiev in the next ranking Forbes


Valentin Gapontsev and his son Denis with a capital of 3.14 billion dollars were among the ten richest families in Russia.

Petropavlovsk was reminded of the founder


A third of shareholders demand to return Pavel Maslovsky.

Vladimir Potanin will pay Musa Bazhaev compensation


Norilsk Nickel may buy out a stake in Russian Platinum in a new joint venture.

Vladimir Potanin suppressed Musa Bazhaev


"Norilsk Nickel" and "Russian Platinum" are establishing a joint venture in Taimyr.

Musa Bazhaev got stuck in Chernogorskoye field to the sheer joy of "Norilsk Nickel"


"Russian platinum" businessman Musa Bazhaev filed a new project in Rosnedra for the development of the Chernogorsk platinum-copper-nickel deposit.

Family of the criminal businessman Bazhaev engaged in development in Prague


Partners in the Alliance Group are building a business park and an elite residential complex in the Czech Republic.

The richest family clans in Russia


Forbes has been ranking the most successful entrepreneurial dynasties for four years consequently. The cumulative wealth of the ten richest families of Russia over the past year has increased by $2 billion, up to $27 billion. In three of them, newcomers appeared who received shares in business.

Russian Platinum with Chinese accent


China Gold can join the projects in Taimyr and Kyrgyzstan.

African safari of VTB


Why did the oligarch Alexander Mashkevich bring the state bank to the Congo?

How much the Russian nouveaux riches spent on wedding of their children


Ranking of the most expensive weddings of Russian oligarchs' children in 2016.

Norilsk Nickel will open its doors to investors


Company will isolate its key assets, and is ready to attract partners to the rest of them.

Money deposits of Musa Bazhaev


It became known that the company Russian Platinum owned by businessman Musa Bazhaev will sell 20 percent of its stake in the projects on development of deposits on the Taimyr Peninsula to VTB. 

VTB will do nickel and copper mining


The state bank is ready to buy the Russian Platinum's share in the steel project on the Taimyr Peninsula.

Vasily Anisimov torn between vodka in Russia, winemaking in the Crimea and villa in Switzerland


Alko king and developer ir is unable to combine his subsidiaries in the United States, the businesses in Switzerland, the Crimea, and Russia.

Musa Bazhaev asks Sberbank for a huge loan


Billionaire Musa Bazhaev after buying the Italian resort in Sardinia, decided to get an impressive loan from Sberbank for his Russkaya Platina. 

Lawyer with billions: what is known about businessman Shumkov who committed suicide


On Friday, lawyer Dmitry Shumkov commited suicide in his apartment in the Federation Tower. In business, he was known as Musa Bazhaev's partner and owner of the Olympic sports complex.

Russian platinum of Musa Bazhaev mines billions from the budget


Why Russian platinum does not fulfill the promises of investment in Russia and wastes money on the purchase of foreign assets.

Svyaznoy turned out to have new ties


The assets of the group can be acquired by Musa Bazhaev's structures. 

The Bazhaevs bit off a piece of Sardinia


The co-owners of Alliance Group bought holiday resort Forte Village for € 180 million.

"Russian platinum" was taken in good part in Norilsk


The Kremlin lobbied Musa Bazhaev's business in previously Norilsk. The taxes of his busines group are waited for in the city budget.