Nikandrov Denis


Denis Nikandrov laid Alexander Draymanov not in vain


The former Major-General of Justice, who gave testimony to his ex-boss, escaped the confiscation of property and was given the right to a UDO.

General Denis Nikandrov received 5.5 years in prison


The former deputy head of the GSS of the Moscow Kremlin was also deprived of the title for helping the criminal authority named Italian. Nikandrov managed to avoid a more severe punishment, having surrendered his immediate superior Alexander Drymanov to the investigation.

Alexander Lamonov received five years of strict regime, a fine and lost his title


The werewolf, who had crawled into Russian law enforcement agencies, was deprived of epaulettes and sentenced to a fine of 32 million rubles.

Ex-chief of the SSD of the TFR arrested on the testimony of General Nikandrov


The former head of the Investigative Committee for Moscow did not have a month to obtain a lawyer status, which would protect him from the upright testimony of ex-subordinates.

Former chief investigator of Moscow arrested on corruption case


He was charged with receiving a bribe from a thief in the law of Shakro the Young (Zakhary Kalashov).

How Shakro Young entrusted his wealth to a frozen food queen


The investigation failed to arrest the multi-million property of Zakhariy Kalashov because the criminal lord made it over to his wife and seller of frozen foods.

Mikhail Maksimenko suddenly lost his senses


The arrested general of the Investigative Committee ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

General Nikandrov lived in the apartment of the "black" realtors' victim


According to LIFE, in 2009 Denis Nikandrov had to explain to investigators how he got an apartment in Moscow, which owner had been killed.