Nikolaev Aisen


Aysen Nikolaev will have a Philharmonic


The Arctic Center of Culture and Epic with the Philharmonic in Yakutsk will cost 18 billion rubles.

July 20 in Yakutia could be a nuclear explosion


July 20 in the territory of the four northern ulus of the Republic of Yakutia for a few hours "turned off the sun." Then black dust and dead birds began to fall from the sky. Local residents suspect an underground nuclear explosion in the Verkhoyansk Range.

New head of Yakutia: "The time of successes of the opposition in the republic has passed"


The new head of Yakutia Aisen Nikolayev spoke about the first steps at the head of the region, the mistakes of his predecessor Yegor Borisov, the "chicken with golden eggs" and the prospects of the Yakut opposition.