Nikolay Shamalov


Oysters will be bred near the "Putin's Palace" in Gelendzhik


OOO Yuzhnaya Citadel obtained 1000 ha for breeding of oysters and mussel. The water area is at Cape Idokopas not far from Gelendzhik, near the so-called Putin's palace. The owner of Yuzhnaya Citadel previously worked for the company that managed the palace.

Hitting the inner circle: how Putin's friends suffered from sanctions


On March 20, 2014 the US government first imposed personal sanctions against Russian businessmen and top managers of state-owned companies from the Russian President Vladimir Putin's entourage.

RBC investigation: how the Shamalov family builds up business


RBC investigated, how 33-year-old Kirill Shamalov, who's said to be the spouse of Katerina Tikhonova, became a major shareholder of Sibur, what other assets his family has and how much they can cost. 

What do the sons of businessmen from the Putin's inner circle do


Sanctions against the fathers help the children.