Oreshkin Maxim


Igor Shuvalov struck CSKA corner


VEB.RF will become the owner of the football club.

Igor Shuvalov invigorate ruble injection


The Ministry of Finance will allocate an additional 25.5 billion rubles to VEB to pay off the bank’s debt. In total, in 2019-2021, VEB should receive 200 billion rubles of state aid. Bank debt is approaching 400 billion rubles.

Russia was drawn into the world trade war as a "whipping boy"


The government of the Russian Federation for damages of 537 million dollars from American duties on aluminum and steel responded with restrictions on US imports of $ 93 million.

US goods in Russia are waiting for new duties


Russia introduces additional import duties on goods from the US, said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin. They will be distributed to those goods, analogues of which are on the Russian market.

"Rusal" is ready to drop anchor on the island of Russian


Rusal is considering re-registration in the Russian Federation.

VEB under the leadership of Igor Shuvalov will cut the state budgets


VEB will risk the money of pensioners and the budget for the sake of megaprojects for 750 billion rubles.

VTB purchased the largest debt asset of the EBRD in Russia


VTB bought out a loan from the EBRD issued for the Western high-speed diameter - a high-speed highway in St. Petersburg. The EBRD has withdrawn from its largest debt position in Russia and continues to reduce its portfolio due to sanctions.