Petr Poroshenko


Three companies of the GAZ Group are sanctioned by Ukraine


In 2016, the products of one of its plants, PAZ, became the leader of the Ukrainian market.

Ukraine closed its borders to Russia's Agrocomplex


Petro Poroshenko included the Tkachev family's holding in the sanctions list.

The Russian Central Bank smoothes the effects of the Ukrainian sanctions


Transactions on sale of subsidiaries of the Russian state-owned banks in Ukraine have failed.

The Russian banks in Ukraine are deprived of the capital


Russian banks at risk of losing business in Ukraine.

The Russian government asked Usmanov and Mordashov to help Donbass


The government recommended metallurgical holdings to consider iron ore supplies to companies in the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics, as RBC found out. The plants there were left without raw materials after the introduction of Ukrainian blockade of railway communication with the self-proclaimed republics.

How the Donbass blockade hit the empire of Rinat Akhmetov


As long as the DNR and LNR do not give up the control over the Ukrainian enterprises, Kiev will maintain the blockade of Donbass. The main victim became Rinat Akhmetov, who lost not only assets, but also leverage over Kyiv and Moscow.

Ex-deputy of Ukrainian Parliament accused Poroshenko of trying to take away Akhmetov's business


In his interview, former Ukrainian deputy Alexander Onishchenko, which is currently hiding abroad, accused the country's president Petro Poroshenko in an attempt to take away an oil and gas company from billionaire Rinat Akhmetov.

Panama Papers have data on offshore companies of 2229 Russians


The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) has published a database on the basis of the Panama Papers, according to which Russia is one of the leading countries in the number of registered offshore companies.

Donbass money: the currency stolen in Ukraine came to Moscow


The local gangsters trying to trade the dollars, euro and hryvnia, stolen from ATMs in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine, in the Russian banks.

Poroshenko permitted to impose sanctions against Russia


Ministry of Economy of Ukraine published the provisional list of banned Russian goods.

Ukraine is still ruled by money


By agreeing to give immunity to the "gas lobby", Poroshenko has sown the seeds of future counter-revolution.

Poroshenko's factory won a suit against the Russian tax authorities


The Arbitration Court of Lipetsk Oblast took the side of Roshen confectionery factory, owned by Pyotr Poroshenko, in a dispute with the Federal Tax Service of Russia. The court invalidated the additional accrual of taxes for 35 million rubles.

Oligarchic war: Igor Kolomoisky quarreled with Petro Poroshenko


The conflict over control of the two major oil companies in Ukraine between Kiev and Igor Kolomoisky has provoked a political crisis.

Why negotiations on a peaceful settlement in the Donbas stalled


The world wonders what Russia and its president want to achieve from neighboring Ukraine. Vedomosti collected the options that are discussed in Vladimir Putin's entourage.

Poroshenko hid his Russian business in offshore companies


Structures close to the President of Ukraine, sell Chinese cars in Russia, have starch business in Lipetsk and supply batteries for cares assembled at AvtoVAZ. 

"Everyone asked for money, and he asked for liberty": the life and deeds of Kakha Bendukidze


On November 13, Kakha Bendukidze died in London,, he was 58 years old. In Russia, Bendukidze was known as a businessman; in Georgia, as a statesman.

What "the patched-up peace" will bring for Russia and Ukraine


Negotiations between Surkov and Poroshenko, the "party of war" in Putin's entourage and the fate of the "people's republics".

Astronomical stupidity


Roscosmos management made a mistake worth 33 billion rubles.

Sweet life of Petro Poroshenko


Ukrainian President will organize a grand sale.