Poroshenko Peter


Petr Poroshenko went to rest from the investigation


The ex-president of Ukraine is pursued by a former lawyer of the administration of Viktor Yanukovych.

Who from the Russian billionaires worked with the Rothschild clan?


Rothschild & Co will help Oleg Deripaska find buyers for his stake in En + Group. Previously, the Rothschilds represented the interests of Peter Poroshenko, who wanted to sell a confectionery factory in Russia, but without success. With whom else did the European banking house work?

Ukraine exposed an ultimatum to Gazprom


Naftogaz demanded from the Russian gas corporation to undertake the obligation to pump 110 billion cubic meters of gas annually through Ukraine in 2020-2028 and agree to pay 30% more for the rate for pumping in 2018-2019. Otherwise, Kiev threatens Moscow with a $ 11 billion claim.

Arkady Babchenko was almost shot from "Schmeisser"


In the blunt show "the rescue of journalist Babchenko" a customer appeared. They were the owner of the director of the Ukrainian-German small arms manufacturing company Schmeiss Boris Herman, who supplied weapons to the Ukrainian army. And the killer was a nationalist monk Alexei Tsymbalyuk.

The Crimea is ours, but the gas is yours


Russia will stop the development of the main offshore gas field in the Crimea because of the trial with Ukraine.

Rada adopted a law that effectively repeals Minsk agreements


The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law that effectively repealed the Minsk agreements. They are no longer needed, and the Donbas should prepare for another round of war.