Pugachev Sergey


How Hogan Lovells made millions on runaway Sergey Pugachev


The DIA has already paid lawyers almost half of Mezhprombank's bankruptcy estate.

Runaway banker Sergei Pugachev seriously compete with the Russian Themis


Ex-Senator asks the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation to revoke the decision to recover from it 75 billion rubles.

Which bankers left Russia


RBC remembered which Russian bankers had already left the country after their banks had difficulties.

Court of Great Britain ruled that Sergey Pugachev is the owner of New Zealand trusts


Now the villa in the Caribbean and other property of the ex-senator can be seized to repay the debts of Mezhprombank.

After the decision on Pugachev, hiding assets will become more problematic


Banker Sergey Pugachev, who hid assets in New Zealand trusts, was recognized by the court in London as their beneficiary. The precedent decision of the court will allow the DIA to seize the businessman's expensive real estate in England, France, Switzerland and the United States.

Russian Central Bank will lower the Iron Curtain


Dishonest financiers will be prevented from leaving Russia.

The financial scarecrow for banker Pugachev


The Deposit Insurance Agency is trying to get its hands on the runaway billionaire Sergei Pugachev in the UK. The DIA is trying to prove that the businessman hid the capital in the trusts. Will the oligarch manage to save money, and who had helped him to withdraw it?

DIA sold Sergey Pugachev's mansion in England


The manor of the founder of Mezhprombank, Lower Venn Farm XVIII, was sold for 1.6 million pounds.

DIA got at the foreign assets of Tuva ex-senator and banker Sergey Pugachev


In an exhausting judicial war waged in the West between the Russian authorities and banker Sergey Pugachev, a turning point was the battle that can radically change all future wars for assets.  

Switzerland froze Pugachev's assets for almost $700 million


The founder of Mezhprombank and his lawyers traditionally do not know anything about it.

Yacht instead of a bank: Transportny shareholder was the owner of the yacht worth €55 million


Financier Alexander Mazanov, a shareholder of bankrupt Transportny and Interkommerts banks, put up for sale a yacht worth more than €55 million. The "hole" in the credit institutions exceeds 120 billion rubles.

DIA arrested Sergey Pugachev's yacht and villas in Europe


Pugachev's representative denies this information.

Sergey Pugachev — RBC: "Perhaps, I'd rather stay at home"


The verdict to Sergey Pugachev will be announced by the High Court in London on February 11; the fugitive businessman can be convicted to two years in prison for contempt to court. Pugachev tried to convince RBC that the court decision does not threaten him.

London's High Court issued a warrant for the arrest of ex-Senator Pugachev


Not only the Russian, but also the British police now seeks the arrest of the founder of Mezhprombank, former senator Sergey Pugachev. Pugachev faces up to two years in prison in the UK.

Sergey Pugachev sued Russia for $10 billion


The founder of the International Industrial Bank Sergey Pugachev has filed a lawsuit against Russia for $ 10billion. The document was sent to the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague. This information was confirmed by the businessman's representative to RBC.

Former Senator Pugachev gave up Russian citizenship


He is a citizen of France now, says his representative.

Put in a word for the poor banker


Sergey Pugachev doesn't have enough money for London lawyers.

London backed up DIA


Sergey Pugachev's assets have been left under arrest. 

How to make money on friendship with Sergey Chemezov


Vitaly Maschitsky is planning projects with Rostec worth billions of dollars.

The trust which faltered


Sergey Pugachev's assets could not withstand the London court.

Sergey Pugachev called the Russian businessmen "Putin's serfs"


The founder of bankrupt Mezhprombank and former Senator Sergei Pugachev, who was arrested in absentia in Russia, in an interview to Financial Times British newspaper said that the Russian economy is transformed into a feudal system, and businesses own their assets only in name, while actually being "the serfs" of Vladimir Putin, the country's president.

Sergey Pugachev hedged his bets


His potential losses from legal proceedings with ACB are estimated at $ 25 million.

Sergey Pugachev will not be arrested even in absentia


The Moscow City Court upheld the decision of the Basmanny Court