Pumpyansky Dmitry


One yacht is not enough for Dmitry Pumpyansky


The second yacht, named My Bro, will be able to sail with the businessman's main yacht, the 72-meter Axioma. My Bro will have a helipad, court and mini submarine.

Pumpyansky and Rotenberg blow in one trumpet


Billionaire Dmitry Pumpyansky, with the alleged support of Arkady Rotenberg, was able to win over the owner of ChTPZ Andrey Komarov, who had already managed to agree with Nikolai Egorov.

Dmitry Pumpyansky multiplies scandals at the construction sites of the 2023 Universiade


The construction of facilities for the 2023 World Student Games in Yekaterinburg began with a resounding resignation: the person responsible for state purchases for the Universiade in the Sverdlovsk government resigned in protest.

Pumpyansky was forced to share the palace


Dmitry Pumpyansky and Valery Ananyev team up to build Universiade facilities in Yekaterinburg. Ready, set, "cut".

Pumpyansky rules "Sail" to Cyprus


Businessman Dmitry Pumpyansky is taking his assets offshore.

Sergey Maslov put Denis Manturov in the saddle


The former person involved in the criminal case will build an equestrian center and a golf club in Gelendzhik.

The families of Sergey Chemezov and Denis Manturov are making a nest for oligarchs from Gelendzhik


The Black Sea city became a place of concentration of a number of oligarchs and officials.

Dmitry Pumpyansky overnight got rich by $ 100 million


The Pipe Metallurgical Company has found a buyer for its American subsidiary. The status of the main owner of the company has grown by almost $ 100 million.

Roman Abramovich will be allowed on the rails ahead of the locomotive


Evraz Roman Abramovich and TMH Andrei Bokarev discuss participation in the financing of the high-speed highway Moscow - Kazan worth 1.7 trillion rubles. But the authorities have not yet decided on the need to implement this project.

Dmitry Pumpyansky was not allowed to become a monopolist for the production of drill pipes in the Russian Federation


FAS refused to TMK in the acquisition of the Sverdlovsk drill pipe manufacturer Tekhnomash, part of the Chinese Hilong Group.

Gennady Timchenko will build a hotel for $ 90 million in Syria


The Russian oligarch took up the restoration of the tourist cluster of the Arab economy. Prior to that, he was involved in it with gas and phosphate projects.

Vladimir Lisin became the leading supplier of metal for football stadiums in Russia


Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine of Viktor Rashnikov outperformed the largest metallurgists. However, the purchase of metal for the construction of stadiums "weather" Russian manufacturers still did not do because of its modest volume - an average of about 100 thousand tons per year.

Dmitry Pumpyansky spit on the American barrage duties on steel


Controlled by the oligarch, the Pipe Metallurgical Company will continue to ship steel in the United States, despite 25 percent duties. The company and Pumpyanskogo itself has impressive debts, plus a businessman needs to finish building a luxurious 100-meter mega-yacht Project Blade.

Dmitry Pumpyansky failed to collect money from Americans for a new yacht


The IPO of the American division of the Pipe Metallurgical Company - TMK Ipsco - is postponed due to the fall of the US stock market.

Gazprom seeks discounts from pipe manufacturers


Gazprom "bent" suppliers of large diameter pipes for a 20% discount. Due to what now the main owner of the Pipe Metallurgical Company Dmitry Pumpyansky will finish building his 100-meter yacht Project Blade?

Dmitry Rybolovlev builds a yacht at the shipyard in the Netherlands


The Russian billionaire will soon enter the elite club of Russian businessmen with yachts over 100 meters long.

Gazprom stopped buying pipes


Gazprom stopped buying pipes for Nord Stream-2: a year and a half after their order, they seemed expensive to the gas monopoly.

When length matters


How Roman Abramovich, Alisher Usmanov and other Russian billionaires buy and sell luxury yachts.