Rustam Minnikhanov


Kazan Rublyovka: who lives in the elite village


The village of Borovoe Matyushino is called the "Kazan Rublyovka". It is located in a pine forest on the banks of the Volga - a 40-minute drive from Kazan. Elite castles in the village are adjacent to stunted village houses. And strong fences - with bad roads: in the village there are not even sidewalks. Sofia Savina met with the neighbors of the president of the republic.

The wealthiest spouses of Russian civil servants and deputies in 2017


The richest wife of a Russian official was Gulsina Minnikhanova, the wife of the president of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov.

Expensive guests: how much is spent on the official residences in Russia


How much costs the life of a Russian high-ranking official.

In the shadow of the region: what caused the collapse of Tatfondbank


The Central Bank said why it could not save Tatfondbank. The captive business model, asset stripping and the intransigence of creditors are to be blamed. Meanwhile, the recovery of the banking system of Tatarstan entails new risks.

Tatarstan Is dissatisfied with the Kremlin


Minnikhanov criticized the federal center for "pumping out" money from successful regions.

Why Raiffeisen Bank bought Tatneft for 40 billion rubles?


Experts of "Business online" discuss, whether the sale of shares to the bank from "the sphere of influence of the Rothschilds" is connected with the law on deoffshorization.

Gilded youth in the sky over Kazan


The tragedy that happened in Kazan with the plane of AK Tatarstan was not an accident, but rather the result of "specific" business methods.