Seagull Igor


Igor Chaika shared the trash with Rostec


The subsidiary of the state corporation became a co-owner of the National Ecological Corporation. Previously, the company was controlled by Igor Chaika, Alexander Ponomarev and the brother of the ex-President of Moldova.

Igor Chaika muddied a joint business with Igor Shuvalov


The son of the Prosecutor General and the state-owned corporation VEB.RF have established the company Engineering.RF, which will deal with the full range of engineering services.

Igor Chaika did not digest mushrooms


He needs money for other projects.

The company Igor Chaika power overwhelmed with garbage


The state began to non-publicly select the first draft of the reform of the garbage.

Igor Chaika makes money on russians


The younger son of the Prosecutor General, together with German co-investors, will launch in Moscow the production of turnouts for the metropolitan tramways and the needs of Russian Railways. This is a billion-dollar business.

Igor Chaika did not understand why his property was encrypted in Rosreestr


The son of the Prosecutor General said that since 2016 he had not performed registration actions with real estate.

Denis Butsayev buried in the waste


The security officials intervened in the appointment of the management of the “Russian environmental operator”.