Sergei Sobyanin


Sobyanin goes into eternity


Which of the governors is being saved from resignation by a new bill.

Who is daughter of Moscow mayor Sobyanin? In short


The eldest daughter of Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, Anna, got herself into a great trouble in St. Petersburg. Her luxurious apartment in the city center was seized for debts. On this occasion, the editorial office of Russiangate recalls where Anna Sobyanina got an apartment and how her business career was developing.

Moscow forests are grown in Germany


The trees and bushes for the scandalous Zaryadye park in Moscow were purchased by Sobyanin and Khusnullin in Germany. This is not an accident, because even the famous Kremlin spruce is traditionally bought by Russia in Germany. 

The Moscow authorities decided to build 10 million square meters of real estate around the Moscow Ring Road


10 mln square meters of real estate will be built on the lands adjacent to the Moscow Ring Road. This could be the largest construction project in the capital after the renovation project. Profitability of the project is low, experts warn.

The son of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Igor Chaika climbed into the privy


How the partners of Igor Chaika get state money for the fact that Muscovites go to toilets.

Moscow had a record revenue in 2016


Perhaps, 100 billion rubles in that income were provided by Sberbank. 

The Moscow authorities will spend 136 billion rubles on road construction in 2017


The capital has had 29% more road tenders as compared to the last year.

Moscow will spend 10 billion rubles on the future park


The city is trying to attract private investment for this VDNKh project.

Sobyanin's Loona Park


While hospitals are being closed, the Moscow mayor's office will spend 10 billion rubles on the park owned by billionaire Zelimkhan Mutsoev from United Russia.

Virus Chemezation


Rostec carved up millions of rubles on vaccines.

Senator Kanokov's entities interested in buying Kuntsevskiy market


Arsen Kanokov, representing Kabardino-Balkaria in the Federation Council, may become one of the major owners of Moscow's markets. Sindica Holding, which is controlled by him, discusses the purchase of Kuntsevskiy market.

God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev buy up Moscow Oblast


Company affiliated with God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev buys up elite land plots near Moscow.   

Pavel Te will ​​"heal" Moscow


Scandalous businessman Mr. Te is going to buy "Stolichnye Apteki".

RBC investigation: who owns the street trade in Moscow


Who suffers and who benefits from the demolition of kiosks and pavilions on the capital's streets.

RBC investigation: who earns on paid parking in Moscow


On December 25, a new area of ​​paid parking started to be functional in the Russian capital throughout the territory within the Third Ring Road.

Sobyanin has a new problem


Hinstein exposed a large-scale trickery with the apartments of deceived investors.

RBC investigation: how officials outsmarted Yandex


Officials no longer demand Yandex to register as a media, perhaps because they have learned to interact with the robot search engine.

Rosneft will pay Moscow 4.5 billion rubles for its new home


Rosneft will have to pay almost 4.5 billion rubles for panoramic views from its new Moscow office. 

Navalny: Sobyanin's daughter's apartment costs 6 times more than the family's income for ten years


Olga Sobyanina is the owner of the 300 sqm apartment in a house where also live Mikhail Fradkov, German Gref, Sergei Ivanov, and other associates of Putin, according to the blogger.